UST/HCC STEM Research Program

STEM Research Program is a joint effort between University of St. Thomas (UST) and Houston Community College (HCC).
The goal is to encourage students to get professional research experience and develop presentation skills.

Program details

The Program

HCC System-wide STEM Research Program is for full-time/adjunct faculty, and students.

It involves a partnership between University of St. Thomas and HCC.

The goal of this program is to give system-wide HCC faculty and students an opportunity to experience professional scientific research in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, environmental science and math.

For the upcoming academic year, eight cohorts will be formed. Each cohort will consist of one UST faculty, two HCC faculty, two UST students and two-three HCC students - a total of seven-eight researchers in each team.

The Recruitment Process

The entire selection process for year 2014-2015 will take place in July – September, 2014.

The list of research topics and applications for faculty and students will be posted in July and August respectively.

Faculty applications will be reviewed by HCC/UST Program Directors and Coordinators, and the selected faculty will be matched with UST faculty.

Once faculty have been selected, student applications will be made available. Each HCC faculty selected for the program will help in recruiting 2-3 HCC students for each cohort to participate in the program.

All team members must attend a mandatory orientation workshop in October 2014 to receive the details of the program and complete the initial paperwork.

The Policies

The established research teams will conduct research at UST campus or at UST and HCC campuses depending upon the facilities and the equipment needed for each project.

Faculty and students will decide on their weekly schedule, commit to working together and complete the research.
All the team members must complete the paperwork in a timely manner and maintain a record of all scientific data and time spent.

Each team will also be expected to submit a two page research synopsis and progress report due on Feb. 1st and May 1st, 2015.

The year will conclude with a mandatory poster preparation and presentation by the faculty and the students at the symposium hosted by UST and HCC in September 2015.

If the project qualifies, faculty and students may also get a chance to make research presentation at symposia and conferences, and publish in renowned scientific journals.

Each faculty and student will be paid a fellowship stipend of $ 6,000 for their time and efforts after completion of the project.