UST/HCC STEM Scholars & Articulation Program for HCC Faculty and Students
Supported by: US Dept. of Education Grant

Program Director
Dr. Juan Carlos Reina (; 713-718-2656)
Undergraduate STEM Research Coordinator
Dr. Jyoti Wagle (; 713-718-2541)
Equipment Upgrade Coordinator
Dr. Yiyan Bai (; 713-718-6052)

The Department of Education has awarded Houston Community College and University of St. Thomas a five-year $5.9 million grant (2011-2016) to encourage Hispanic and other low-income transfer students to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The grant program activities are designed to increase participation, retention, transfer and completion rates of Hispanic and other low-income STEM students.

The goals of the grant will be to:

  • Upgrade Science labs throughout HCC system to align with UST STEM labs
  • Create a new year-round UST/HCC undergraduate STEM research program involving system-wide full-time and part -time HCC faculty and students
  • Create a STEM scholarship endowment at UST and HCC to generate funds and support seamless transfer program