For STEM Faculty

STEM faculty at HCC have many years of teaching experience. They attend workshops, seminars and conferences to continuously update their teaching skills. They have developed innovative techniques, learned new technologies, and interacted with their peers to help students complete their educational career at HCC.

As STEM faculty, this website is for you!

At this site, you will find information on events and useful links that may help you....and help your students.



QEP Faculty Events

Active Learning Activity Development Workshop - October 16, 2015

Date and Time: 9AM-1PM, Friday, October 16, 2015
Location: West Loop Campus C108

The purpose of this event is to put our brains together to come up with high quality, effective homework or classroom activities and share with each other.
The workshop will begin with a brief overview of active learning best practices, available resources, sample activities, and QEP lessons learned so far. Where available, final exam data will be shared to allow identification of specific learning gaps. The workshop will be organized by course and topic of interest to create or adapt an activity for use at HCC.

If you already have an activity and would like to share it, or if you would like some help polishing an activity that is in the early stages, please do bring it along!  For example, Carla Karen Fortune is planning to further develop a polymer activity for CHEM 1411 and/or CHEM 1412Radia Redjimi is wiling to share tried-and-true PHYS (ConcepTest) clicker questions used at Rice University; we will also bring a clicker question collection for BIOL 1406 from UC Boulder to share.  In addition, we will be sharing discipline-specific online resources as well.  Of course, cross-disciplinary collaboration would be great too...

We highly encourage everyone to bring relevant course materials (textbook, slide copies, homework assignments, handouts, manipulatives etc.) pertaining to your activity or topic of interest.  If you have a (charged) laptop, it would be very helpful if you could bring that as well!

Seating is limited, and registration is required for PEP purposes; roll will be taken at the event.  We will also need to know your lunch needs ahead of time.  To register, please go to

Please feel free to email with ideas or questions.

STEM Research Opportunities

UST-HCC STEM Research Program

The Department of Education has awarded Houston Community College and University of St. Thomas a five-year $5.9 million grant (2011-2016) to encourage Hispanic and other low-income transfer students to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The program is from October 1 - September 31. It is currently in its final year.

To get more information on the program, go to »

Rice University Nanotechnology Summer Research Program

Check again.....information for current year will be posted soon!

Rice University is inviting Community College faculty and students to participate in nanotechnology summer research program. Faculty will be placed in a Rice faculty's research laboratory and assigned a graduate or post-doctoral student mentor. The research groups will have weekly meetings to discuss research experience. Faculty will also get to participate in symposium and workshops to share their research projects and lesson plans.

There will be a stipend of $6,000 provided after the completion of the program.

For faculty, the schedule is 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, June 8 - July 17 (6 weeks)
For students, the program will be 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, June 1 - August 7 (10 weeks)
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Visiting Faculty Program (VFP) for Faculty and Students

The Visiting Faculty Program (VFP) seeks to increase the research competitiveness of faculty members and their students at institutions historically underrepresented in the research community in order to expand the workforce vital to Department of Energy (DOE) mission areas. In this program, selected university/college faculty members collaborate with DOE laboratory research staff on a research project of mutual interest. Faculty member participants may invite up to two students (one of which may be a graduate student) to participate in the research project. Applicants establish their collaborations with laboratory research staff in advance of applying and must submit a co-developed research proposal as part of the application. Students apply separately at the invitation of the faculty member.

Selected faculty and students receive stipends, and may qualify for travel and housing assistance.
The Summer Term placements are for 10 weeks duration between May and August timeframe.

For more information and application, click here.

Applications in the past have closed in January for the following summer.