STEM Related News

At HCC, students participate in many STEM related activities. Students have presented at local and national scientific conferences where they were recognized with awards. HCC students participate in science clubs and national science organizations such as Tr-Beta Biology Honors Society and American Chemical Society. They take pride in their leadership skills and help in organizing activities for the group. This is the place we will post all such news for you!

First Place Award to HCC-UST Students

Apr 6, 2016

First Place Award to HCC-UST Students for a Joint Research Poster Presentation at ASBMB Conference in San Diego, CA!

HCC students and faculty take guided tour of Genome Center at Baylor College of Medicine

Apr 7, 2015

Students and faculty from the HCC Central and the HCC NW STEM clubs joined forces for a field trip to Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center on March 27.

Two HCC alumni present STEM research at Harvard

Feb 17, 2015

For the past four years, eight cohorts composed of HCC faculty and students have been participating in undergraduate STEM research in partnership with the University of St. Thomas. Students work on research topics in professional research settings at UST and HCC.

HCC STEM Club students earned honors during Fall semester

Jan 20, 2015

STEM Clubs around the district are gearing up for another very active semester.

HCC INSPIRE science faculty to crowdsource the creation of a searchable open educational resource database

Jan 21, 2015

To make life easier for both faculty and students, HCC faculty will be able to submit vetted OERs into a Survey Monkey website. From there, the professor-approved OER information will be entered into a database to be posted on LibGuides in the HCC online library.

HCC Northwest STEM club students visit Houston Forensics Science Center

Feb 25, 2016

A group of Houston Community College Northwest STEM club students visited the Houston Forensics Science Center and met with the scientists in crime scene analysis, forensic anthropology, firearms and digital forensics.

Dr. Mary Peavey presents seminar on Clinical Research and Path to Research Career

Feb 25, 2016

Dr. Peavey discussed her clinical research on "The Role of Progesterone in the Uterus." The presentation included the use of mouse models to determine the impact of the two progesterone receptors in the maintenance of pregnancy.