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Houston Community College encourages both students and faculty to incorporate study abroad into their curriculum. The Office of International Student Services & Study Abroad works to assist students and faculty in exploring and creating study abroad opportunities.


Information on studying abroad

Types of programs available

  •  Short Term Faculty-Led Programs
  •  Semester Abroad programs
  •  Summer Abroad programs
  •  Internships and Service Learning Abroad programs

HCC works with a variety of 3rd party affiliates with an array of programs to choose from.
The Study Abroad Office will help you select the program that is right for you and your academic needs. To get started, see the "student information" section of the HCC study abroad website.

To see what programs are available - refer to the following websites.
(students are not limited to the programs on the following websites, however they are a good place to start when looking for the right study abroad program)

Information for Students

There are many options for students to take advantage of study abroad. If you are interested in studying abroad, we suggest that you plan far in advance. To begin your journey abroad, make an appointment with the Study Abroad office to discuss your options.

For appointments please fill out the Study Abroad Student Questionnaire and email it to:

Sam Philpot at

Eligibility Requirements

All HCC students who fit the following requirements may participate in Study Abroad:

  1. Student has a GPA > 2.5
  2. Student is working towards the completion of a specific program plan
  3. Student has completed 2 semesters at HCC prior to the study abroad program
  4. Student is enrolled at HCC during the semester directly prior to the semester of their study abroad program
    - if the study abroad program is during the fall semester, enrollment in the previous spring semester satisfies this requirement
  5. Student plans to enroll at HCC after the completion of the study abroad program to complete their program plan
    exception: the credits earned abroad will complete the final semester of your program

Interview Process

All students wishing to study abroad will be interviewed by the Study Abroad office. The Study Abroad office reserves the right to deny a student participation in HCC sponsored study abroad programs if they do not prove to be prepared to take on the challenges of studying abroad.

* Requirements may vary for faculty-led study abroad programs.

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Eligible students on Financial Aid may use their grants and loans to help fund their study abroad program if the program fits the following requirements:

  1. The student will earn academic credit for the course(s) abroad
  2. The academic credit earned abroad counts towards the student’s HCC program plan
  3. The student is enrolled in a minimum of 6 SCH for the semester

Study abroad credit transfer pre-approval process

In order to determine whether or not the credits earned abroad will count towards a degree plan, the student must have the courses abroad pre-evaluated and reviewed. For further instructions on how to get courses pre-evaluated for HCC credit, please see the Pre-approval Request Form.

*Note: Financial Aid students should not apply to a study abroad program before they have received pre-approval for the program.

Students who do not qualify for Financial Aid are not required to get pre-approval of academic credit transfer to HCC, however, if they desire to get credit towards their program plan at HCC, it is suggested that they follow the process outlined by the Pre-approval Request Form prior to applying for a study abroad program.


The importance of an academic experience abroad and the benefits of cultural emersion are acclaimed worldwide. Thus, an infinite number of scholarships are available to students wishing to study abroad.

Students are encouraged to visit the Study Abroad Student and Faculty Resource Center to assist in researching the best scholarship opportunity for them.

Information for Faculty

Faculty members play an important role in increasing study abroad opportunities for HCC students. Short Term Faculty-Led Programs are the most affordable and convenient way for HCC students to experience different cultures. OISS&SA has created a centralized process for faculty to request the incorporation of study abroad into their course.

Faculty who are interested in developing and leading a Short Term Faculty-Led program should refer to the following available resources:

The OISS&SA is here to assist in the process. Please make an appointment to discuss any plans for creating a Short Term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program.

For appointments please email or call Sam Philpot at

Study Abroad Student and Faculty Resource Center

New to HCC is the Study Abroad Student and Faculty Resource Center. Located in the OISS&SA, students and faculty have access to the latest study abroad brochures. Computers and staff are here to assist you in researching the right program for your and your educational goals.

The resource center is open to all HCC students and faculty.

Please email Sam Philpot prior to visiting the center.

Office of International Student Services & Study Abroad
3100 Main St. (first floor of the garage)
Houston TX 77002
(713) 718-8532

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Past HCC Programs

Salzburg Global Seminar

Each year HCC sponsor 6 students and 1 faculty member to participate in the Salzburg Global Seminar. Participants are given in class instruction at HCC prior to their departure to Salzburg, Austria, where they participate in a week long rigorous program that exposes them to the multiple international issues. Together with students from around the world, the HCC students are given group assignments and actively participate in academic debates that aim to broaden their understanding of what it mean to be a “global citizen.”

For more information on the Salzburg Global Seminar, visit their website at

More Salzburg trip images

Salzburg Global Seminar 2015 - application closed

About the Global Citizenship Program

Every year HCC sponsors 1 outstanding student from each of the 6 colleges to participate in the Salzburg Global Seminar Global Citizenship Program. Students will participate in this 1 week seminar located in Salzburg, Austria in conjunction GOVT 2389 of the HCC summer mini session taught by John Speer.

As part of its decades-long commitment to education and the idea that education can lead to a more peaceful, prosperous, stable, and sustainable world, Salzburg Global Seminar conducts a Global Citizenship Program (GCP), providing and promoting global citizenship education around the world.

The Global Citizenship Program for educators and university students, founded in 2004, is supported by outstanding practitioners in the fields of sustainability, human rights and peace-building. The student sessions focus on a similar mix of substantive topics in a variety of instructional formats, including lectures, whole-group question and answer sessions, and a field trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in neighboring Germany. The student sessions also include intensive small group project work designed to develop the habits of the mind and the heart to think critically and strategically about how they can act as global citizens on their campuses, in their communities, and in their future educational and professional careers.

This year HCC students will be participating in the Human Rights GCP from May 23 - May 30 2015.
For more information on this session vist the website at:
Global Citizenship and Universal Human Rights

Are you eligible to apply?

It is suggested that students review the general study abroad eligibility requirements outlined in the "information for students" portion of the study abroad website.

In addition to the general study abroad requirements:

  • Students must have a GPA > 3.5
  • Students should have the availability to attend all pre-seminar classes at West Loop from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday, May 18 and again on Tuesday, May 19 as well as complete all eagle online assignments in a timely manner


The Salzburg Global Seminar trip is fully funded by HCC, however the tuition for the HCC course, GOVT 2389, is not.Selected students will automatically by enrolled in GOVT 2389 and will be required to pay for the cost of the course through the student system. Eligible students may also use their financial aid.

Costs covered by the HCC scholarship:

  • Salzburg Global Seminar Sessions in Austria
  • Round trip airfare to and from Austria
  • Meals
  • Housing
  • Travel insurance for each student
  • Excursions
  • In country travel

Costs to students

  • Tuition for 1 3SCH Course - see the HCC tuition calculator for your perosnal price
  • Personal spending money while abroad



How to Apply and Deadlines

The deadline has past. Please check back next year.

Students are selected by the President of their college. If you attend class at more than one college, simply apply with the college where you take the majority of your courses.

To apply, fill our the application and turn it into your President's Office by February 26, 2015.
(please note: your preseident's office may have a different deadline date as they are expected to submit their applicats by March 2, 2015)

Salzburg Global seminar student application.pdf

Contact for questions

Email Sam Philpot at if you have any questions regarding the Salzburg Global Seminar.