Joint Admissions

What is Joint Admission?

Joint Admission is a special alliance between your community college and a  Texas University. This partnership was developed to make your transition to the university as smooth as possible. As a community college student, joint admission participants can access many of the resources available to university students and receive some university perks before you actually enroll at that university.

Who is eligible?

Any HCC student who has earned less than 30 semester hours of transferable college level hours with acceptable grades can sign up for a joint admissions agreement. You cannot be on academic suspension from HCC.

What are the benefits?

  • Often a reduced or no university application fee.
  • Academic advising from both campuses to ensure the most effective and efficient path to graduation.
  • Often a university ID; this card will also give you access to the university library as well as discounted or free admission to university sporting events.
  • Often a free university email account that can be used anywhere.
  • Easy transferability of courses between the two schools enabling you to be awarded with an Associate’s degree even after leaving the community college. Your degree plan and transcript will be automatically updated each semester.

Who offers Joint Admissions?

  • Sam Houston State University
  • Texas Southern University
  • University of Houston
  • University of Houston – Downtown

Traditional 2+2 Transfer Plans

The following pages are listings of the articulation agreements between the Houston Community College System and most Texas Public Universities. An articulation agreement is a set of transfer plans between two institutions facilitating accurate and efficient transfer between those institutions. A transfer plan is a determination by both the community college and the university that courses taken within a transfer plan will count toward a student’s major at the university. These plans are also called 2+2 agreements, that is, the first two years taken at the community college and the last two years taken at the university. HCCS students can expect a “seamless” transfer if following a transfer plan based on equivalencies.

NOTE: An established transfer plan guarantees the transfer of courses toward a particular major at the transfer institution of choice. However, the student should check with the university to insure that he/she has the most recent update.

Transfer Plans by Institution

AAS Workforce Transfer

Best Career and Technology Education Transfer Opportunities

Full Transfer is Possible with Any HCC AAS Degree

Gulf Coast Teacher Education Consortium

Your place to find out about consortium objectives, meetings, conferences, Associate of Arts in Teaching legislation, scholarships, and much more.

Associate of Arts in Teaching (guaranteed transfer to Teacher Education)

Elementary Education Schools Online Search Tool

City of Houston Cape Center

The purpose of this memorandum of understanding between the University of Houston System, Houston Community College, and the City of Houston is to facilitate the future development of a world-class, professionally trained workforce for the City of Houston. This will be accomplished by extending access to advising, lifelong learning (non-credit), and instructional support to City of Houston employees. This Memorandum of Understanding serves to initiate a long-term relationship between UHS, HCC, and the City of Houston. The organizations are committed to pursuing mutually agreed upon current and emerging training and educational opportunities with the City of Houston. The MOU does not preclude or restrain the City of Houston from making agreements with other educational institutions.

Articulation Agreement

HCC Course Assessment Guide

Saigon Institute of Technology

In 2001-2002, Saigon Institute of Technology (Saigon Tech) and Houston Community College (HCC) entered into an agreement to offer Certificates and Associate of Applied Science degrees related to Computer Science Technology to college students attending Saigon Tech. HCC applied for a substantive change and was approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to expand its international initiatives to include Saigon Tech.

In 2006, HCC expanded the agreement to include other workforce programs as well including the following: Accounting, Business Management, International Business, Marketing, and Geographic Information Science.

Saigon Institute of Technology website

Understanding the Process by which HCC Transcripts and Awards Certificates and Associate Degrees

The Transferability of Saigon Tech AAS Degrees

Faculty of Saigon Tech