Eligibility Criteria

1.    Student Eligibility.  To be eligible to earn PLA credit, a student must be currently enrolled and meet all Houston Community College admissions and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements. They should not have previously taken or attempted the course (by title that is the same as the PLA for which they are applying).

a.   PLA credit is only awarded when it applies to the HCC programs of study.

b.   A minimum of 25% of the credits for the HCC certificate or degree must be completed at HCC. (Residency Requirement)

c.   Six hours of HCC credit must be successfully completed prior to posting PLA credit.  Please note that credit earned by Advanced Placement (AP) exams does not count toward the six-hour requirement.

2.   Student Responsibilities. Please ensure the student meets with an advisor for further information and to receive the appropriate form for credit by PLA.

a.   The student completes the Application for Prior Learning Assessment.

b.   Completed Application for Prior Learning Assessment form is submitted to HCC advisor for approval and processing.

c.   The student pays  $25 Assessment Fee. No fee for military or veteran students. There is no assessment fee charged for PLA by National Exams or Articulation Agreement. The Assessment Fee is the same for PLA credit by internal exam, ACE evaluated industry certificates, PLA by portfolio, and CEU/WECM to credit courses.  Students are not charged the fee multiple times for using different methods of advanced college credit awards when applying on a single application form.

d.   The student submits any required official transcripts (high school, college or military) or any other official documentation (such as certificates, training transcripts) as required.

e.   Other academic institutions may not accept ACC credit through HCC. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the receiving institution before deciding to pursue PLA credit.

3.   Administrative Responsibilities. An audit will be done to determine the student’s eligibility for PLA and how much possible advanced credit can be awarded based on the requirement that the student stays and completes the chosen program.

a.   After the PLA form has been approved and signed, the advisor will forward them to the HCC Registrar for posting “AP” to the student’s transcript. A minimum of 25% of the credits for the HCC certificate or degree must be completed at HCC. (Residency Requirement)

b.   Semester credit hours (SCH) earned through PLA are designated as “AP” on the transcript and will not compute for GPA purposes.  No letter grade will be awarded or recorded on the student’s transcript.

c.   The HCC Registrar will inform the student that PLA credit has been posted to the transcript by email notification.