Must-haves for first-time students

Dec 10, 2013

If you are a first-time student to any Texas college, you will need to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment test. It is important to prepare for this test. IT will determine your levels in reading, writing and math. Once determined you will be placed in the appropriate level of course program for your success. Preparing for the TSI test is critical to make sure you are placed in the right level.
The pre-assessment activity, test preparation and practices can be found at For best results, use Firefox. 
For additional information, including exemptions, new students need to visit or visit one of our Enrollment Services Centers.  Students need to present official documentation of their potential exemption.
You may not need to take the TSI Test If:

  • You meet score requirements on external assessments such as the ACT, SAT, TAKS, or STAAR
  • You have previously completed a qualifying associates or bachelor’s degree
  • You are transferring into HCC having already satisfying TSI requirements
  • You honorably served in the military and can provide an official DD214 during the enrollment process
  • You are exempt due to enrolling into a Level 1 certificate program

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