Holding hands and changing lives as HCC shapes the future of logistics

Jun 26, 2017


Houston Community College (HCC) and two community-based organizations in the Greater Houston area are joining forces to help shape the future of the logistics industry.

The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans (AAMA) and Capital IDEA of Houston were recently awarded two $10,000 Bridge to College and Career Success grants. The grants were provided by Education Texas, an initiative in which private and public entities collaborate to improve the public education system. The grants specify that the higher learning institution they are partnering with is the HCC Logistics Center of Excellence (COE).

Cynthia Garza, Dean of the HCC Logistics COE, says the partnership has vision and is results oriented. “The outcomes will be measurable and tangible,” Garza explains. “The organizations will hold the students’ hands and the individual will not be left alone at any point.”

The funds will be used to develop the strategic plan and identify the needs of the students from the moment they enter either AAMA or Capital IDEA of Houston.

“Both organizations support the students in the holistic needs that they may have developing their personal skills,” says Garza. “Then they work with us to help guide them into a career, so that they can move forward into the workforce.”

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