District IV Newsletter: Dear neighbors

Feb 11, 2014

Neeta Sane, Trustee, District VII

Dear neighbors,

Houston Community College has played a vital role in this city, our local communities and our state since its inception 42 years ago. HCC has reached out to our communities, area businesses, and forged lasting partnerships that benefit students, local industries and neighborhoods.

Embarking upon a new year, I am honored to begin my second term on the HCC Board of Trustees. Not only do we have several newly elected trustees this year, but the Board of Trustees also elected officers on January 16, and I have been elected to serve as Board Chair for 2014. I am honored to serve the college and to lead the board as it focuses on education and leadership priorities.

We will be focusing on selecting the next chancellor to lead our great institution. A consistent theme emerging from the current governing board is the high priority that we have placed on student success and workforce programs. I am glad to see that the board members are committed to increasing student graduation, developing more offerings of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-related programs and strengthening partnerships that will help Houston's economy grow with workforce-ready graduates, now and in the future.

Keeping in mind the practice of shared governance, we are also committed to ensuring that our faculty priorities are taken into account as we move the college in the right direction. Improving student services to enhance teaching and learning is at the top of our list, as well.

Student success is a high priority for all of us and we thank each and every one of our partners and community supporters who participate in our efforts to ensure that success.

As your trustee for HCC District VII, I am pleased to inform you that, as part of the 2012 Bond program, we have a wide range of academic and workforce programs coming up at the campuses in Stafford, Missouri City and Alief.

Working together, we can make this the most exciting and productive year ever.

In service,
Neeta Sane
Chair, HCC Board of Trustees
Trustee, HCC District VII

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