Be prepared - it's hurricane season

Jun 11, 2014

We are now in the hurricane season, be prepared for any emergency throughout the summer. Should weather threaten the Houston-Galveston area, students, faculty and staff can find updates and college information on

Below are some safety tips to consider before, during and after a hurricane. The tips are recommended by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service.

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Be prepared throughout hurricane season with the food and supplies you'll need to ride out any possible storms.


  • At least 7 gallons of water per person
  • Battery-operated television or radio
  • Spare batteries
  • Manual can opener
  • Flashlights and waterproof matches
  • Toilet paper
  • Baby supplies
  • Cash (ATMs may not work after the storm)
  • Change for pay phones
  • Rain gear/sunscreen/hat
  • Bleach or water purification tablets
  • Soap and detergent
  • Charcoal/lighter fluid or camping stove
  • Disposable plates, glasses and utensils
  • Ice chest and ice
  • Valuable papers, or copies, in a waterproof bag
  • Prescription and other necessary medicines
  • Blankets, tarp and masking tape
  • Three day's worth of clothing, sleeping bags
  • First aid kit, scissors, tweezers, bug spray


  • Baby food and baby formula
  • Canned meats (Spam, chicken, ham)
  • Canned fish (tuna, sardines)
  • Canned meals: spaghetti, soup, stew, chili
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Cereal, crackers and cookies
  • Coffee, tea, sodas, juice
  • Granola bars and nuts
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Pudding

When the storm approaches

  • Listen for weather updates
  • Check gas, oil in vehicle, keep your car fueled and ready to go 
  • Check your emergency evacuation supplies
  • Store enough drinking water to last several days 
  • Bring your pets indoors
  • Board up or put storm shutters on windows
  • Clear your yard of loose objects, bicycles, lawn furniture, trash cans, etc.
  • Leave swimming pools filled. Super chlorinate the water, cover pump, filtration systems and intakes.
  • Get extra cash. ATMs may be out of order after a severe storm 

If you can stay home

  • Obtain, mark clean containers for storing water
  • Obtain a week's supply of nonperishable foods
  • Check your disaster supplies kit
  • Stay inside away from windows

If you must evacuate

  •  Leave your home if asked to evacuate
  • Turn off water and electricity at the main valve, breakers or fuses
  • Turn off propane gas tanks that serve individual appliances like a stove or grill.
  • Do not turn off natural gas unless local officials advise to do so

More info: FEMA's hurricane Are You Ready? information.

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