About HCC Faculty

What sets HCC apart is its faculty, individuals who bring theory and practice to life in the classroom. HCC’s faculty, many of whom hold doctorates, teach in the classroom and are accomplished academicians, as well as successful in their respective professional fields. With more than 3,600 professors who have a passion for teaching, HCC students benefit from a wealth of real world experience that the faculty brings to the classroom. Unlike other institutions of higher learning, HCC’s faculty members are not paid to conduct research; however, they do it anyway in order to further their knowledge, change the future and help their students. As you learn more about the quality of HCC’s faculty and the level of education they offer, you begin to understand why more students choose HCC for education and training. And, why some of the brightest minds in academics and business are choosing HCC as their teaching home.

HCC Holiday Schedule

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all HCC Administration Offices and Campuses are closed on all dates listed on this holiday schedule. In addition, classes are not scheduled on official school holidays.