RFP 17-39 Video Control Room Equipment Installation - Media Arts and Technology Center of Excellence

The contractor shall install customer supplied equipment in 10’ x 50’ Media Arts and Technology video control room at the Alief Hayes Road campus 3rd floor. Equipment includes HD/4K video mixer, monitors, multi-channel audio mixer, wireless microphones, 40x40 router and associated distribution amplifiers, patch-panels, video and audio processing units, monitors, camera control units, waveform monitors, and vector-scopes. Wiring between all systems will need to be supplied and cut, terminated, labeled and documented. Audio and video interconnects and intercom wiring will need to be installed between the adjacent production studio. Designs exist for layout and location of all equipment and logic configuration of distribution of signals. Successful bidders will show understanding of specific cabling appropriate for 4K distribution of video signals and necessary audio cables for HD-SDI analog and embedded audio signals.

Buyer: Jennifer Chiu

Due Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 14:00:00 CDT

Bid Status: Contract in Progress

Under Blackout: Yes


Non-mandatory pre-proposal will be held on March 9, 2017 at 9:30 am at HCC Alief-Hayes Campus, 2811 Hayes Road (3rd Floor, Sound Stage, Room B306), Houston, Texas 77082.  Site visit will follow after the pre-proposal meeting.



173901_Film Program Video Control Room Equipment List

173902_Video Control Room Core Systems

173903_Video Control Room Equipment Racks

173904_Video Control Room Floor Plan

173905_Pre-Proposal Attendance Sheet

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