Prohibited Communications "Blackout Period" and Political Contributions

Proposers considering responding to a current solicitation shall certify that they have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Prohibited Communications/Political Contributions provision set forth in the solicitation document. Potential vendors, subcontractors, service providers, bidders, brokers, officers, lobbyists or consultants shall not make a political contribution to a Trustee or candidate during the prohibited communication period. Proposers further understands that they shall not communicate with a HCC Trustee, employee, or any member of the selection/evaluation committee in any way concerning a solicitation from the day it is first advertised through thirty (30) days after the contract is executed by the Chancellor or his/her designee, or when a determination is made that the solicitation will not be awarded.

This period is known as the “Blackout Period”, as further defined in Section 1.7.10 and 3.3 of the Procurement Operations Manual. Violation of the Blackout Period is considered unethical conduct and will be handled as such with regard to all applicable federal and state laws, regulations, local ordinances, policies, and procurement procedures.

With regard to a Proposer, violation of the Blackout Period may result in the cancellation of the referenced transaction, disbarment, disqualification from current and future procurement solicitations and prosecution in accordance with the Laws of the State of Texas.

The following is a list of all projects currently under the Blackout Period, in various stages of the procurement process, as noted under Currently Open Solicitations and Solicitations Under Evaluation.

RFP 16-09 Pest Management Services

Due: Dec 16, 2015

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFP 16-16 Structured Cabling Services

Due: Jul 26, 2016

Status: Currently Open

RFP 16-23 Bookstore and Related Services

Due: Feb 3, 2016

Status: Evaluation in Progress

Dollar Amount: $3,000,000

RFP 16-27 Internet Service Provider and SIP Trunking Services

Due: Feb 24, 2016

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFP 16-32 Internet Security Surveillance Services

Due: Apr 11, 2016

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFP 16-33 Information Technology Network Access Equipment

Due: Apr 5, 2016

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFP 16-38 Bank Depository Services

Due: Aug 5, 2016

Status: Currently Open

RFP 16-39 Truck Driving Simulation System

Due: Jul 25, 2016

Status: Currently Open

RFQ 16-15 Architectural & Engineering Services Pool

Due: Mar 1, 2016

Status: Evaluation in Progress

RFQ 16-19 Real Estate Broker & Consulting Services

Due: Jan 7, 2016

Status: Evaluation in Progress

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