Upcoming solicitations 2014

The following is a list of upcoming solicitations related to good, services and construction; these projects are projected to be procured during the 2014 calendar year. Projects have been grouped by “quarter” for the calendar year.

1st Quarter

January, February, March

1.    Job Order Contracting (4/14)
2.    Moving Services (5/14)
3.    Utility Broker Services (12/14)
4.    Coffee Services (6/14)
5.    Insurance & Related Services (8/14)
6.    Neo Café Food Services (2/15)
7.    Pest Control Services  (3/15)
8.    Various Construction Related Projects (TBC)
9.    Charter School Request for Information *†
10.    Enterprise Food Services *†
11.    Fee Based Textbooks Request for Information *†
12.    Office Supplies *
13.    Group Purchasing Organization Cooperative †
14.    Courier Services †
15.    Offsite Records Management Software †
16.    Tenant Property Management Services

2nd Quarter

April, May, June

17.    403(b) Investment Services (9/14)
18.    Window Cleaning Services (9/14)
19.    Various Construction Related Projects (TBC)
20.    Vending Machine Services *
21.    Surplus Auction Services *†
22.    Enrollment Software †
23.    Ammunition
24.    Microscope & Scientific Instrument Repairs
25.    Towing Services
26.    Promotional Items †
27.    Linen Services †
28.    Gas Services †

3rd Quarter

July, August, September

29. Bank Depository Services (11/14)
30. Charter Bus Services (11/14)
31. Government Relation Services (11/14)
32. Passport Services (12/14)
33. Construction Material Testing Services (1/15)
34. Geotechnical Testing Services (1/15)
35. Waste Disposal Services (1/15)
36. Various Construction Related Projects (TBC)
37. Machine Tools
38. Drug Testing
39. Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Services †
40. Sign Printing Services †
41. Direct Mailing Services †

4th Quarter

October, November, December

42.    Executive Search Services (1/15)
43.    Media & Communication Services (2/15)
44.    Various Construction Related Projects (TBC)
45.    Paper & Toner Recycling Services *†
46.    Printing Paper †
47.    Print Toner †


*    Projected Revenue Generating 

†    New procurement (scope to be developed)

1    The projects noted above are subject to change and do not constitute any guarantee that the referenced procurement may be issued; this list is intended to serve as an informational tool.  Official notice of solicitations will be posted on the HCC Procurement Operations Department website (click HERE).

2    Once a solicitation is advertised/posted/distributed, the Prohibited Communications "Blackout Period" and Political Contributions prohibition (as defined in the Board of Trustees Bylaws) goes into affect.  Proposers considering responding to a current solicitation shall certify that they have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Prohibited Communications/Political Contributions provision set forth in the solicitation document. Potential vendors, subcontractors, service providers, bidders, brokers, officers, lobbyists or consultants shall not make a political contribution to a Trustee or candidate during the prohibited communication period.  Proposers further understands that they shall not communicate with a HCC Trustee, employee, or any member of the selection/evaluation committee in any way concerning a solicitation from the day it is first advertised through thirty (30) days after the contract is executed by the Chancellor or his/her designee, or when a determination is made that the solicitation will not be awarded.

This period is known as the “Blackout Period”, as further defined in Section 1.7.10 and 3.3 of the Procurement Operations Manual. Violation of the Blackout Period is considered unethical conduct and will be handled as such with regard to all applicable federal and state laws, regulations, local ordinances, policies, and procurement procedures.

With regard to a Proposer, violation of the Blackout Period may result in the cancellation of the referenced transaction, disbarment, disqualification from current and future procurement solicitations and prosecution in accordance with the Laws of the State of Texas.