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Program Executive Summary • April 2015

Executive summary

The 2013 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) continues to accomplish major progress this month. Mobilization and coordination of construction start-up continues on track with the following initial projects on the Bond Program critical path schedule. Three more projects this period submitted for permits including Eastside Campus, Acres Homes and the Northline Central Utilities Plant. A successful groundbreaking event occurred early in the month at the East Side Campus, and a Town Hall Meeting took place at the Brays Oaks Campus on April 30th. In the Alief-Hayes Renovation project, demolition completed on Level 1, and a final permit and notice to proceed were issued for Level 4. The demolition of the old building and concrete pavement at the North Forest site is complete, as well as preliminary site grading in preparation for construction. The foundation and utility work continues for the West Loop Campus, while vertical pre-cast concrete panel construction commenced at the Northline Campus garage. Surveying and geotechnical investigation completed this period at the Coleman Campus in preparation for a connector bridge. The designs continue to move forward on all projects and teams are preparing for the construction process through positive interaction with our Architects, CMAR contractors and permitting authorities.

The Bond team is now postured to expand our focus as it relates to Outreach and SBE participation initiatives in the construction arena. It is important to note and re-emphasize that this will support maximum SBE participation in various categories of work scope during construction. Building on our 2014 success, the Bond Team (Jacobs/IDC, Langrand Company and HCC Administration, Communication and Purchasing) are now organizing the next strategic Outreach Events targeted for May/June 2015, to maximize SBE participation. Potential SBE subcontractors link: http://www.hccs.edu/district/departments/procurement/bond2013/sbs/

The Bond team will continue to finalize all of the major logistics and mobilization requirements to achieve successful start-up on the remaining projects as well during this critical 2015 period. Our core strategy includes performing best value analysis, “real time” budget verification, constructability reviews and careful review of competitive bids on all projects. We also remain focused on ensuring project delivery in a timely manner, within budget and constructed in the best quality manner within the industry. The Design Phase for all projects continues and is still focused on accommodating revisions to HCC Design Standards and new requirements to achieve LEED Silver Certification for all new projects.

The CIP Bond team continues with reporting coordination efforts with designated members of the HCC Bond Oversight Committee (BOC). This reporting document will be used to provide quarterly updates and event sharing information with and by the HCC BOC. At the discretion of the HCC Board of Trustees (BOT), the committee members will support the Bond team in all forthcoming Community engagements.

The Bond team remains engages in ongoing meetings to keep the Chancellor, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Facilities officer current on all critical matters related to the CIP Bond Program.

What's Next

A/E teams continue to develop plans and specifications for all revised Campus Building Programs in conjunction with HCC Construction Managers, Project Managers, Campus Presidents and end user groups.

Maintain active communication between the contractors, A/E firms and Project Management firms in order to facilitate coordination of design requirements, site constraints, HCC-procured items (such as furniture and equipment), and lessons learned to share amongst the larger group. Focus on safety and quality as we transition from the design to construction phases on our projects, with an understanding that our students, staff, construction workers and visitors are to be protected at all times.

Continue to develop ways to provide cost savings to the program without sacrificing quality or safety, while constructing elegant facilities that will enable active and effective learning for many decades to come.

Program Details

A/E Firms

HDR, Kirksey, PBK, PDG, PGAL, and SHW Group

Services provided:

Designs for new and renovated facilities and technology in academic areas associated with medical/healthcare, health sciences, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and Workforce Centers. All programs in CIP total approximately 1Million square feet of academic space

Program manager

Jacobs Program Management Co.

Services provided: 

  • Overall Program Management
  • Master Scheduling
  • Master Planning Management
  • Overall Design Management
  • Construction Process Management
  • Overall Master Budget
  • Overall Cost Estimating
  • Overall Budget Controls
  • Overall Procurement Support
  • Real-time Web Reporting Support

Project management firms

Freese & Nichols, Heery, and Jones, Lang & Lasalle

Services provided:

  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Level Design Management
  • Construction Process Management
  • Project Level Budgeting
  • Project Level Cost Estimating
  • Project Level Procurement