Program Executive Summary • September 2014

Executive summary

The 2013 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) continues to accomplish significant milestones this month with completion of the contract award process and critical path scheduling for all of the fourteen Board of Trustees approved projects included in the CIP Bond Program. This current status will facilitate a complete evaluation and assessment on the most efficient start-up of site development and early construction release packages for a complete package of designated projects. The Bond team also continues to make progress on major tasks required to fulfill the expectations of the community and the supporters of the Bond Program as it relates to Outreach and SBE participation initiatives. This will support maximum SBE participation in various categories of work scope during construction. The last three CIP projects were approved by the Board of Trustees on September 11, 2014. This list includes the Alief Renovation Project, The West Houston Institute Project (relocated to Hayes Road) and the Coleman Expansion Project.

The Bond team continues working with the CMAR teams to finalize all the major logistics and mobilization requirements to achieve successful start-up on all projects. Strategies to determine best value analysis, “real time” budget verification and constructability reviews on all 14 projects remains our on- going focus. We also remain focused on ensuring project delivery in a timely manner, within budget and constructed in the best quality manner. The Design Phase for all projects continues and is currently accommodating revisions to HCC Design Standards and new requirements to achieve LEED Silver Certification with a minimum schedule impact overall. Some of the projects will be evaluated to determine and implement additional “right sizing” opportunities while complying with the community’s expectations.

Planning discussions are still on-going to facilitate appropriate coordination of Signage Standards, AV/ IT/Security and Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment (FF&E) Design Standards with each project’s building design phase. The FF&E Standards are under review and will be organized in concert with the Building Design Standards to achieve and support 21st Century Learning Environments in all of the CIP projects. Future and critical updates/adjustments will be incorporated into all components of the Design Standards archives on an as needed basis. Planning efforts for the next Small Business Enterprise (SBE) participation event continues.

The event is scheduled for November 21, 2014. The event will include specific project assigned prime contractors (approved by Board of Trustees approval at the time) in addition to first and second tier sub-contractors and Houston area representatives from insurance/bonding and financial institutions. Individual break-out sessions and workshops are also planned to assist with procurement/ bidding inquiries, construction related internship and apprenticeship opportunities and construction best practices. These sessions will support the goal of ensuring that maximum SBE participation remains an important focus and initiative during the CIP construction phase.

The Program Execution Plan (PEP) continues to be in use for all aspects of the Bond Program activities. PEP orientation is being provided to the new contractors and will be provided to future contractors as needed to keep the entire team updated on major procedures and policies. The PEP contains all critical procedures and flow diagrams to be utilized by CIP team members to ensure consistency in daily operations, and compliance with policies and regulations. This document will be updated regularly to make sure the CIP team captures the best practices and procedures for implementation to provide a safe, in budget/schedule compliant and quality project for all designated campus locations. Internal discussions are in progress to confirm and implement the best procedures and tools to ensure timely payment of invoices and pay application once the construction phase starts. Updates to the PEP are anticipated to accommodate new protocols and procedures as deemed relevant by the new HCC executive administration.

The CIP Bond team continues with reporting coordination efforts with designated members of the HCC Bond Oversight Committee (BOC). This reporting document will be used to provide quarterly update and event sharing information with and by the HCC Bond Oversight Committee. At the discretion of the HCC Board of Trustees (BOT), the committee members will support the Bond Team in all forthcoming Community Engagement and Town Hall meetings organized/coordinated to meet the expectations of the HCC stakeholder community. The next BOC Meeting is scheduled for October 17, 2014. The team is also engaged in on-going meetings to bring the new Chancellor, new Chief Financial Officer and new Chief Facilities officer current on all critical matters related to the CIP Bond Program.

Land acquisition activities for the Southeast Campus, remaining parcels associated with the Central Campus and the Brays Oak site are nearing completion. The Southeast Campus property acquisition requiring a Commissioners Hearing for eminent domain award is scheduled for October 1, 2014. Final contract approval for the Brays Oak site via CIP funding is also scheduled for completion in October 2014. Architectural/Engineering (A/E) teams continue to review site conditions and other related items to support best use of properties acquired for site development

What's Next

A/E Teams continue to develop plans and specifications for all new Campus Building Programs in conjunction with HCC Construction Managers, Project Managers, respective Campus Presidents and end user groups. Work on actual building design impacts and site analysis/coordination continues.

Remaining land acquisition will be completed on selected project sites to accommodate land survey and geotechnical services start-up through October/December 2014. Continuation of project development and re-definition strategies to achieve appropriate project sequencing (construction related) in order to meet the March 2015 IRS Spending Requirement Milestone imposed on the Bond Program remains a challenge. The entire CIP Bond team will continue to work collaboratively to assist in reaching this important milestone. Continue weekly work sessions with CMAR firms, A/E firms, PM firms and HCC senior staff to finalize all implementation plans required to initiate project site mobilization and early construction start-up activities on designated projects during the October/November/December 2014 time frame.

CIP consultant teams continue to provide planning and coordination efforts for the next SBE event scheduled November 21, 2014. The event will be used to promote workforce participation by sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers during the first level of construction phase activities to support major construction start-up.

Program details

A/E Firms 

HDR, Kirksey, PBK, PDG, PGAL, and SHW Group

Services provided:

Designs for new and renovated facilities and technology in academic areas associated with medical/healthcare, health sciences, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and Workforce Centers. All programs in CIP total approximately 1Million square feet of academic space

Program manager

Jacobs Program Management Co.

Services provided: 

  • Overall Program Management
  • Master Scheduling
  • Master Planning Management
  • Overall Design Management
  • Construction Process Management
  • Overall Master Budget
  • Overall Cost Estimating
  • Overall Budget Controls
  • Overall Procurement Support
  • Real-time Web Reporting Support
Project management firms

Freese & Nichols, Heery, and Jones, Lang & Lasalle

Services provided:
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Level Design Management
  • Construction Process Management
  • Project Level Budgeting
  • Project Level Cost Estimating
  • Project Level Procurement