HCC Police Commendation Procedure

Just as we recognize that conflicts between citizens and police department employees can arise, we also acknowledge and realize that there are occasions when our employees go above and beyond the call of duty. Our employees, like everyone else, appreciate it when their good deeds are recognized. Too often, our employees are not recognized for the many people they serve.

If you would like to commend an employee for his performance or for whatever reason, you may ask to speak with the officer's immediate supervisor and make a verbal commendation or you may write the chief a brief letter explaining the circumstances and the actions you think merit the commendation.

All commendations are issued to the employee and a copy is placed in his or her personnel file. Although our employees do not expect to be thanked for everything they do, recognition of exceptional service is always appreciated.

You may mail your letter to Chief of Police, HCC, 3200-D Main Street, Houston, TX 77002.