HCC is committed to a workplace and educational environment free of discrimination and harassment based upon race, color, religion, age, sex, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

This standing council will advise the Chancellor’s office regarding issues of diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion and facilitate programs and services that meet the changing needs of individuals in a diverse community.


In 2012, the D&I Council, with the support of the Board of Trustees and Chancellor, outlined the following five (5) District D&I Goals for interpretation and implementation by campus constituents and local diversity committee members:

  1. HCC will promote the exploration and understanding of culture, diversity, and inclusion by providing in-depth training and experiences that promote skills development resulting in cultural competency.
  2. HCC will support a process for the development of Diversity Resource Groups (DRGs) that engage all stakeholders and affirm the goals of the HCC D&I District Plan.
  3. HCC will be a champion of accessibility by establishing standards that adhere to both the spirit and letter of the ADA.
  4. HCC will promote a learning culture that insures teamwork, communication, appreciation and accountability.
  5. HCC will have a diverse, skilled workforce that strives to reflect the diversity of the community that it serves, and it will provide opportunity and pathways for all employees to grow and advance in their professions.

About Us


  • David Cross, Director, Office for Institutional Equity


  • Brian Waddle, Chair - D&I Council, Director of Public Relations - HCC Coleman College for Health Sciences
  • Laurel Barker-Edwards, Vice-Chair - D&I Council, Executive Secretary - Human Resources District
  • Linda Comte, Instructional Design Coordinator – Northeast College
  • Dr. Chiehwen (Joanne) Hsu, Chair: Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology – Northwest College
  • John Reno, ADA Counselor – Southeast College
  • Annette Wilson Lott, Enrollment Management Officer – Central College
  • Dr. Paul Garcia, Faculty, Biology Department – Southwest College
  • Ad Hoc member, Renee Byas, Acting Chancellor
  • Ad Hoc member, Shantay Grays, Acting Executive Officer to the Chancellor

Staff Support:

  • Office of Institutional Equity


At least quarterly

Typical Agenda Items:

  • Development of an institutional Diversity Plan for HCC
  • Advise, recommend and develop strategies for integrating diversity Into the curriculum
  • Advise, recommend and develop strategies for recruitment and retention of a diversified faculty, staff and student body
  • Promote the development and communication of policies and promote values that discourage intolerance and discrimination
  • Identify and promote the development of new programs and strategies designed to enhance the student and employee experience at HCC