Instructional Leadership Academy

Program Purpose:

To develop a group of community college practitioners at Houston Community College (HCC) who will lead the college in its quest to be “a leader in providing high quality, innovative education leading to student success and completion of workforce and academic programs…responsive to community needs and drive economic development in the communities we serve” (HCC Vision Statement). This customized executive leadership development program is designed to develop instructional leaders who sustain the institution and enhance student success and completion.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Competencies, the behaviors we have inside use, are the things for which we will hire, evaluate against, and provide training and development. Participants will be community college practitioners who are committed to and strive to achieve with excellence the following competencies:

Institutional Core Competencies
Leadership Competencies

Institutional Core Competencies:

  • Deliver high quality work
  • Accept responsibility
  • Serve customers
  • Supporting organizational goals
  • Driving continuous improvement
  • Acting with integrity
  • Thinking critically
  • Managing change
  • Communicating effectively

Leadership Competencies:

  • Acting as a Champion for Change
  • Thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Driving for results
  • Leveraging opportunities
  • Setting a strategic vision
  • Attracting & developing talent
  • Inspiring & motivating others
  • Acting strategically
  • Demonstrating beliefs and principals
  • Managing resources

In drawing from the institutional core and leadership competencies, participants will be community college practitioners who:

  • Focus on improving the quality of HCC, protecting the long-term health of the organization, promoting the success of all students, and sustaining the HCC vision and mission and goals, and future trends
  • Sustain people, processes, and information as well as the physical and financial assets to fulfill the mission, vision and goals of HCC
  • Use clear listening, speaking and writing skills to engage in honest, transparent, open dialogue at all levels of the college and its surrounding community, to promote the success of all students, and to sustain the HCC vision, mission and goals
  • Develop and maintain responsive, cooperative, mutually beneficial, and ethical internal and external relationships that nurture diversity, promote the success of all students, and sustain HCC
  • Understand, commit to, and advocate for the vision, mission and goals of HCC
  • Focus on student success and completion to enhance the academic health of the institution

Participants can expect the following:

  • Mini-case studies written and presented
  • Facilitated discussions with experienced community college leaders
  • Cross-sector and intra-sector strategic conversations
  • Group-based capstone project developed and presented

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