Program Purpose

To provide all full-time and part-time faculty at Houston Community College (HCC) access to innovative programs that emphasize active, collaborative and engaging teaching and learning strategies in a learner-centered environment designed to enhance their skills as exemplary custodians of student success.

Instructors are provided continual access to professional development opportunities in these four program areas:

  • Teaching and Learning: Development of best practices related to the design and delivery of instruction to enhance success
  • LMS Technology: Training to enhance technological skills when using Eagle Online, including methods to incorporate advanced tools in course design
  • Discipline Enhancement: Engagement in discipline-specific activities to further expertise in content fields
  • Policies and Procedures Orientation: Preparation for effective service both administratively and in the classroom.

This commitment is supported in HCC’s Strategic Plan 2012-2015 – through Action Items of Initiatives 3 and 4 as following:

  • Train and support all faculty in the effective use of teaching and learning strategies (p.19)
  • Develop all courses based upon learner-centered instructional design concepts and strategies (p. 20)
  • Provide faculty support with effectively using Eagle Online for instruction (p. 20-21)

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Program Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Infuse active, collaborative and engaging concepts and strategies into face-to-face, hybrid and online courses to promote learner-centered instruction and student retention.
  • Utilize basic tools and resources needed to build and manage face-to-face, hybrid and online courses in order to improve student experience.
  • Navigate policies, procedures, and teaching resources that are critical to effective service both administratively and in the classroom in order to contribute to the mission of Houston Community College.
  • Focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning at HCC to protect the long-term health of the organization, promoting the success of all students, and sustaining the HCC vision and mission and goals

Faculty Training & Development Programs

Eagle Online Training
The purpose of this training is to assist faculty with knowing how to effectively use the Learning Management System tools (Eagle Online), and to begin the process of creating learner-centric online instruction.

EO EAGLETS: Webinar Training Series
The purpose of the EO EAGLETS is to highlight a specific Eagle Online tool. These short, quick, intensive mid-day sessions are held the first Wednesday of each month from 12-12:30 PM via GoToWebinar.

New Employee Onboarding
The New Employee Onboarding provides an ongoing orientation resource for incoming, new and current administrators, staff, faculty and instructional leaders.

Just-in-Time Orientation (JITO)
The Just-in-Time Orientation is designed to help faculty to quickly become acclimated to HCC, offering an overview of policies, procedures and teaching and administrative resources critical to effective service.

Full-Time Faculty Professional Development
Full-time faculty district-wide have the opportunity to utilize up to $2,000 in faculty professional development funds for individual use during the academic year for specific events and resources. Professional development can include conferences, professional journal subscriptions, seminars, symposiums, webinars, and workshops.

Specialized Training
The specialized training resources focus on topic- specific training, developed in collaboration with departments and programs around the district, including developmental math, digital humanities, diversity and inclusion awareness, integrated reading and writing, and others.