B.2.9 Information Technology

B.2.9 Information Technology

Responsible Department: Information Technology

Date Approved/Amended: December 2, 2010

HCC acquires, develops, and maintains computers, computer systems, networks, and other electronic communications resources. These computing and communications resources are reserved for HCC-related purposes, including direct and indirect support of HCC's instruction, research, and service missions; of administrative functions; of student and campus life activities; and of the free exchange of ideas among members of the HCC community and between HCC and the wider local, national, and world communities. The Chancellor shall establish procedures and regulations for Information Technology and the use of IT resources.

  1. Purpose

This policy outlines the principles that govern the HCC community in the appropriate and permissible use of computer and information network resources.

This policy applies to all users of HCC computing resources, including but not limited to staff, faculty, students, members of the community, and others, including those who access HCC resources from a remote location (i.e., from a non-HCC computer or a computer located off HCC premises).

  1. Conditions of Use

The use of HCC computing resources is a privilege, not a right. Like the use of any other HCC-provided resource, use of this resource is conditioned on compliance with the requirements of legal and ethical behavior within the HCC community and the requirements of this policy. Thus, legitimate use of a computer, computer system, or network does not extend to whatever is technically possible.

All users shall comply with all HCC policies, regulations, and procedures, as well as applicable city, county, state, and federal laws concerning the use of these resources. All users shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all administrative regulations governing use of the HCC computer system and shall agree in writing to comply with such regulations and guidelines.

  1. Sanctions for Violations/Enforcement

Compliance with this policy and HCC procedures shall be strictly enforced. Violations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including, termination.

The Chancellor may appoint a committee to investigate and address violation of this policy or related procedures, guidelines, or user agreements.