B.2.4 Records Management

B.2.4 Records Management

ESTABLISHMENT OF RECORDS A MANAGEMENT PROGRAM The College District shall establish a records management program in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Code, the related policies and standards of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, and accepted records management procedures. The Chancellor is the official custodian of records for the College District and may designate records management rep-resentatives, as necessary, to administer the records management program for the College District.

The Chancellor or designee shall oversee the performance of records management functions prescribed by state and federal law:

  • Records Management Officer, as prescribed by Local Government Code 203.023
  • Records Administrator, as prescribed by Local Government Code 176.001 and 176.007
  • Officer for Public Information, as prescribed by Government Code 552.201–.205
  • Public Information Coordinator, as prescribed by Government Code 552.012

The Records Management Officer for the College District is the College District’s Director of Records Management.

The College District shall inform the director and librarian of the Texas State Library of the name of each successive holder of the office within thirty (30) days of the employee’s taking office.

The records management program shall include all offices, departments, divisions, programs, commissions, bureaus, boards, committees, or similar entities of the College District. Records shall be created, used, maintained, stored, or disposed of in accordance with the records management program and applicable law.


The College District shall follow its records management program regarding document destruction.  However, the College District shall preserve documents, including electronically stored information, and suspend routine record destruction practices as applicable according to procedures developed by the records management officer and applicable law:0)

  1. In the event of pending or reasonably anticipated litigation;
  2. In the event of an investigation by a federal agency or department or any bankruptcy case; or
  3. In the event of a public information request.

Notification shall be given to appropriate employees of any applicable obligations to suspend routine record destruction practices.

RECORDS CUSTODIANS The custodians of records shall perform their duties in accordance with state law and the policies and procedures of the College District’s records management program.
WEBSITE POSTINGS The College District’s records management program shall address the length of time documents will be posted on the College District’s website when the law does not specify a posting period.

DATE ISSUED: 2/16/2016

UPDATED: 06/16/2016