B.2.4 Records Management

B.2.4 Records Management

Responsible Department: Records Management

Date Approved/Amended: December 2, 2010

The College shall establish a records management program in accordance with the requirements of the state Local Government Records Act, the related policies and standards of the State Library and Archives Commission, and accepted records management procedures. The Chancellor is the official custodian of records for HCC and may designate records managers, as necessary, to perform records management duties.

The records management program shall include all offices, departments, divisions, programs, commissions, bureaus, boards, committees, or similar entities of the College. Records shall be created, used, maintained, stored, or disposed of in accordance with the records management program.

A custodian of records shall be designated for each department. The custodians of records shall perform their duties in accordance with state law and the policies and procedures of the College's records management program. Responsibilities of the custodians of records include the preservation, destruction, or other disposition of records, in accordance with the program.