A.8 Administrative Organization Plan

A.8.1 Governance Administrative Organization Plan

Responsible Department: Board of Trustees

Date Approved/Amended: December 2, 2010

The organizational structure of the College shall encompass a system of cooperating colleges designed to fulfill the College’s mission.

The administration of the College may make changes in the department structure of the colleges of the College as deemed necessary and appropriate.

A department is defined as an area of individual or related teaching disciplines; an organizational unit in each college responsible for delivering educational services.

Organization charts for the College are located as follows:

Exhibit A: College System

Exhibit B: Central College

Exhibit C: Northeast College

Exhibit D: Northwest College

Exhibit E: Southeast College

Exhibit F: Southwest College

Exhibit G: Coleman College

A.8.2 Governance Administrative Organization Plan: Faculty, Staff, Senates and Councils

Responsible Department: Board of Trustees

Date Approved/Amended: December 2, 2010

In the interest of enhancing the most effective operation of the College, and to maintain open communication and decision-making, the Board recognizes the value of providing avenues for faculty and staff to participate in the governance of the institution. With that intent, the Board sets forth the following guidelines:

  1. The Faculty Senate, the staff councils, the College Office Personnel Association (COPA) and other employee groups have the right to gather for the purpose of discussing issues and concerns of particular importance to the respective group.
  2. The Faculty Senate and other recognized employee organizations shall have a clear constitution and elect or appoint a leader or leaders who will facilitate the work of the component group and serve as the communications link with the administration.

The College recognizes the Faculty Senate as a group representing employee interests and as such, these organizations are represented on the Chancellor’s Executive Team.

The Chancellor shall ensure that various employee groups are appropriately represented on committees.