Andrea Brooks, Black History Scholarship Recipient

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Major: Health and Medical Sciences

Career and Educational Aspirations:

"My career and educational aspirations lead me on a path to entrepreneurial endeavors, although my passion for fashion is embedded within me. My mission is to also continue to volunteer my story to The Rose organization, and to spread awareness of breast cancer. This remains a part of my journey."

How the HCC Black History Scholarship helped you:

"Ironically, being a recipient of a scholarship from the Women's Business Support Network (along with a scholarship from HCC) was offered while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. It was the ultimate opportunity to embrace therapeutic healing and obtain knowledge and skills in the Fashion Merchandise / Design and Theatrical Costumes program.

"To the HCC Black History Committee: I sincerely appreciate your generosity in executing a vision within our community of helping others. This scholarship has contributed to allowing me to complete goals and explore new ones. Thanks immensely."

Personal Motto: "The Best Is Yet To Come."