Financial Planning & Budgeting


The primary mission of the Fiscal Planning and Budget Department consists of the following:

The department serves as a leading supplier of accurate, timely and meaningful budget and financial information to the management and the Board in order to support optimal resource allocation and decision making. The department provides thorough expertise in fiscal policy, practice, analysis, and management in order to provide the highest quality of fiscal counsel to the college. The budget office is committed to administering the colleges' planning and budgetary process effectively and cooperatively, ensuring an efficient allocation of resources aligned with the colleges' strategic plan. The department is committed to being responsive in meeting the continuously changing needs of the college in its response and commitment to providing high quality, affordable education to the community. The budget office is committed to performing all responsibilities with utmost integrity and objectivity.

The primary duties of the Fiscal Planning and Budget Department consist of the following:

Preparation, communication and execution of the budget that identifies the financial implications of the programmatic needs of the district. Provide financial analysis and reporting to campus and system administrators and the Board. Prepares and implements the annual operating and auxiliary budgets. Promotes collaboration and involvement by all in order to integrate planning, resource allocation, and assessment. Prepares monthly financial reports to describe current financial conditions and the status of the college. Monitors departmental cost centers throughout the year for accuracy in recording transactions. Monitor the budget plan against actual transactions and when appropriate, suggest adjustments to ensure that expenditures do not exceed plan. Provides reporting throughout the year on budget vs. actual spending. Collaborate with Human Resources in the many dimensions and requirements of "position control". Conduct budget feasibility and execution analysis. Monitor performance measures. Preparation and timely submission of state and federal regulatory reporting. Annual calculation and submission of Board approved ad valorem tax rates.

Financial Statements


The Houston Community College Financial Statement(s) and report(s) are available for your review.  To download in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) just beneath the Slideshare file on the left is a link where the PDF can be accessed.  


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