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Workplace English Testimonial

Nov 6, 2013

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We all came to the United States from Vietnam to pursue happiness and freedom for our future that which we could not have under the communist regime. When we left for the United States we must accept that we had to leave our motherland, our home villages, and the rivers that hold our childhood memories.

During the first days since we arrived to the new country, we were still trying to adjust to our surroundings. We had many difficulties about language and communication, but with exerting our strength we overcame all odds to make a living for our family.

Fortunately, we got a job at National Oil well Varco, one of the major, worldwide oil companies in the United States with oilfield products and services of the highest quality.  With passing time, we became more proficient in our jobs and our vocational standard has improved.

The company has also offered training classes to increase knowledge and develop technical skills for all employees, and the ESL class that we attended for the past two months is the most helpful to us.  We expect the company to offer such classes again in the near future.

Allow me to represent the employee students to express our gratitude the upper management our immediate supervisors, and our ESL instructor.  Once again, we thank the National Oilwell Varco company and Mrs.Thuy, our devoted teacher.

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