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Goodman Manufacturing Company

Nov 6, 2013

Promoting from within can create both opportunities and challenges for today’s growing
companies. Goodman Manufacturing Company, however, found creative ways to meet these unique challenges.

Goodman recognized a growing gap in the skills and capabilities of hourly workers who had been promoted to supervisors. The best factory workers often worked their way up the career ladder without much formal education or business experience. Once
promoted however, they were faced with a very different set of job demands for which they were sometimes unprepared. Goodman wanted to improve the success rate for these highly skilled and dedicated workers. With participation from HCC Corporate College and assistance from a government grant, Goodman initiated an innovative new program called – The Management Preparedness Program (MPP). 12 individuals with strong management potential were selected for the
program. These manufacturing workers and shift leads were put through a rigorous set of classes over a period of several months.

The Corporate College provided instruction on many topics including computer skills, business writing and reading, communication, conflict management and many other management development skills. “The transformation was amazing,” said Abby Lawrence, Manufacturing Director. “About half of the graduates from our MPP program have already been promoted to supervisory positions.” Angela Bolin, Goodman Grant Coordinator added, “It was great to see workers, some who were shy and not very computer literate before the program, deliver PowerPoint presentations with ease and confidence.”

Due to the overwhelming success of the program, Goodman is already planning for a second group of employees to go through the MPP series. They are even looking into the possibility of an MPP2 which would take the original participants to an even higher level of management preparedness. If you would like information on putting together a similar program at your company, feel free to contact us at 713-718-5304.

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