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Nov 6, 2013

On Friday I was one of the team. The next Monday I became the boss. Suddenly,
people I had joked around with for years were distancing themselves from me. I didn’t think things would change that much – I mean we were all friends! But I’m management now. I still feel like one them, but they don’t see it that way. Even when they do invite me along, it’s not like it used to be; they keep their guards up around me. The few who continue to call me friend don’t seem to respect me as a supervisor. When I try to give them assignments, they brush me off and I end up doing it myself. I never guessed there’d be a downside to getting promoted!

Have you ever witnessed this type of frustration experienced by a first time supervisor? Moving into a position of authority in an organization often requires an entirely new and different skill set. Sometimes moving from “peer” to “boss” can also introduce the new supervisor to a whole new level of stress. It was no different for the Shift Supervisors and Team Captains at Baseops International. Baseops wanted to strengthen their training program by partnering with local colleges. “I am a big believer in recruiting talent from local colleges” said Director of Operations, Michael Ouellette. “These types of partnerships are always beneficial for both entities”.

Representatives from HCC and Baseops sat down several times to discuss the specific challenges supervisors were having. A plan was then put in place to address their specific concerns. HCC’s Corporate College delivered a 3-day Supervisor 101 series. The first day was kicked-off with a fun but informative Myers-Briggs assessment facilitated by HCC Program Manager, Alan Corder. In this session, the group learned a little bit more about each other and about themselves in order to improve communications and teamwork. The remaining sessions, conducted by Corporate Trainer Bobi Cook, covered many
different topics including:

• Building a Quality Team
• Problem Solving
• Giving Feedback
• Coaching for Results
• Motivating Employees
• Leadership Skills

After the HCC course, the supervisors said they were better equipped to manage both themselves and their employees. They were taught how to communicate more effectively both up and down the corporate ladder. They learned critical listening skills
and better ways to motivate employees. “HCC solved a training need for Baseops by developing a company specific training
program based on interviews with staff and the management team. The training program moved along smoothly under the guidance of the HCC team and delivered excellent results. Your team worked diligently to provide the best training program for us. I appreciate everything you have done,” said Michael Ouellette, Director of Operations, Baseops International.

About Baseops:
Baseops is a leading global flight support services provider specializing in servicing corporate, charter and commercial flight operations around the globe. Among their clients, you will find many Fortune 500 corporations, royalty, heads-of-state, charter operators, air ambulances and airlines ‘ all trusting our staff of experienced professionals with their most sensitive and time-critical missions. The Baseops team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to meet customers’ trip requirements. Baseops is a subsidiary of World Fuel Services Corporation (NYSE: INT).

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