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HCC Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence receives high praise

Dec 12, 2016

 Advanced Manufacturing COE receives high praise

Manufacturing Skills Standard Council Chairman and CEO, Mr. Leo Reddy, recently toured the HCC Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing at the Stafford Campus and visited with Southwest College President Madeline Burillo, Ed.D., Dean Frederick Heard and COO Julian Fisher.  

MSSC has recently been selected by Walmart to provide a pipeline of Certified Logistic Technicians (CLT).  

In addition, MSSC has updated the Certified Production Technician (CPT) curriculum to be in better alignment for entry level training.

The visit focused on potential alignment of these credentials with HCC COE's strategic plans. Chairman Reddy was very complimentary of the "extraordinary" Center HCC has built to meet the current and future training needs of the manufacturing sector.

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