Attention HCC Eagles - this is where we will post important financial aid announcements. We will consistently update it, so check back in and share with a friend. 

2017-2018 Financial Aid Announcements By Month


  • CLOSED NOV 17 - The offices and call center will be closed for staff training on November 17th. 

  • EARLY FAFSA: If you plan to attend HCC between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019, you need to fill out the 2018–19 FAFSA form using 2016 tax info. For help with application, look out for FAFSA workshop dates in October or visit your nearest financial aid office.  For more details on the 18-19 FAFSA, visit

Post Harvey Financial Aid Info (September - October)

  • LOAN DELAY: The Department of Education announced a change to the Federal Direct Stafford loan origination fees, effective October 1, 2017. As a result, any loans not disbursed before September 30, 2017 have to be re-awarded with a loan code that includes the decreased origination fee. Loans will not be released this week due to the fee change. This will cause at least a one-week delay for returning loan borrowers who will receive refunds week of October 12. First-time loan borrowers will receive loans the week of October 17. This only applies to students who meet the loan requirements noted below. 
    • Accept the loan by clicking here
    • Be enrolled and attending 6 or more regular termcredit hours. 
      • Registering for classes with different start dates will affect how long it takes to verify attendance for 6-credit-hour requirement. For example, if you are taking 6 credit hours with one regular term class and one second start class, your loans will not disburse until attendance is verified for the second start class.
    • Complete the online Entrance Loan Counseling by clicking here
    • Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) by clicking here

  • POST HARVEY Q&A: All your questions about refund schedule, office hours, books, aid processing, SAP and class drop dates can be answered in our Post Harvey Financial Aid Q&A‌.
  • DISBURSEMENT AND REFUND SCHEDULEFor the latest on disbursement and refund scheduleclick here.

  • HARVEY RESOURCE FAIRS: HCC Financial Coaches' Resource Fairs will give you access to on-campus and community resources that will help you: start rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey; achieve academic success; push through financial emergencies; make refunds last longer; and start really moving toward financial securityClick here for schedule of fairs happening during September.

  • SAP APPEALThe SAP Appeal deadline was extended to September 28th


  1. EXTENDED REGISTRATION HOURS - Click here to view Saturday and weekday extended hours from Aug 19 - Sept 1.

  2. SAP - We will run SAP for Summer on August 18th. Look out for email communication regarding your status. 

  3. BOOKS - Financial aid grants and loans may be available to assist with books in the College Bookstore. Once your eligible financial aid is authorized, you will receive an email letting you know you may go to the HCC Bookstore to purchase books for classes. Everything you need to know about purchasing books with financial aid can be viewed by clicking here

  4. DISBURSEMENT AND REFUNDS - We posted the schedule. Click here to view. 


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