2014 GED® Testing Service Portal Launch

FROM:            Nicole Chestang, Executive Vice President

SUBJECT:       IMPORTANT:  2014 GED® Testing Service Portal Launch

DATE:           November 26, 2013 

Dear Colleagues, 

As you know, for the past three years, we at GED Testing Service have been creating a new program to provide unprecedented support to your adult learners working toward their GED® credential. As a valued partner in our mission to support adult learners, we are excited to share with you that the 2014 GED® program is now available! 

Starting today, your students can access new 2014 GED® program tools though MyGED™ at GED.com, an online portal that serves as the central hub for all 2014 student resources. Students can sign up for free, find preparation tools, schedule their GED® test, check their scores, receive personalized study recommendations to improve their scores, and get support for college and career transitions. Also in MyGED™, your students can take GED Ready™: The Official Practice Test, which will tell them if they’re ready to pass the real thing.

Students can use these tools now as they prepare for the new 2014 GED® test, which launches nationwide January 2, 2014.  We designed the 2014 GED® test to fully align with leading national and state career- and college-readiness standards, so students will be better prepared to succeed in post-secondary education programs. Also, the test is now exclusively on computer, so students will acquire the basic computer skills they need in today’s job market.

The 2014 GED® program, as the only start-to-finish program, will revolutionize the way adults earn their high school equivalency credentials and will result in improved outcomes for these students and your programs.

What You Can Do

  • Visit www.GED.com and sign up yourself. As educators and administrators, you are welcome to create your own MyGED™ account so you can show the experience to your students and help them create their own accounts.
  • Update your materials. We’ve created templates for your website and emails, along with a new GED.com flyer that you can download and hand out to students interested in the 2014 program. Get 2014 ready at www.GEDtestingservice.com/2014ready.
  • Tell others Dec. 4th. The national press release will go out Dec. 4th and we encourage you to join in the celebration.

Nicole Chestang
Executive Vice President
GED Testing Service