The Adult Education Distance Learning Program offers non-credit GED and ESL online classes. Instruction will be self-study and delivered primarily online using customized learning software. Your learning plan will be created based on your initial assessment. You will have access to the learning software for 8-12 weeks or until you’ve reached the maximum number of study hours. You should commit to studying at least 10 hours online each week. The only cost is a $20 non-refundable registration fee per access period.

This distance learning program does NOT offer college-credit classes. To take online college classes, please visit or call 713-718-5275.

To be eligible for distance learning, you must have:

  • A laptop
  • High-speed internet
  • Basic computer skills
  • Motivation for self-study
  • Minimum assessment scores
  • Ability to meet on campus for orientation, testing, or as needed

Before you enroll, you must attend a 2-day orientation specific to distance learning. The first day involves explaining program expectations and completing assessments. The second day involves setting up hardware and software - you must bring your own laptop. Attendance on both days is required. Orientation starts promptly and lasts four hours each day.

Steps to enroll:

1. Take the Basic Computer Skills Assessment. Bring a copy of your results that indicates you passed the assessment. Retake the assessment until you pass.

2. Sign up and attend a 2-day orientation session.

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For more information -  Email or call 713-718-5387.